No numbers, mo problem

Okay, I might sound like a whiney tourist here but why doesn’t America emboss numbers on their coins?


What is a penny? A dime? A nickel?

If not for the song Penny For Your Thoughts, I wouldn’t really remember the other official names for 1 cent, 5 cents, and 10 cents.

And the nickel is bigger than the dime! Wait, can I say “the nickel”, “the dime”?

Are there other countries that have their coins this way?


Blogging from Portland

And so here is another blog. I don’t know what I was thinking why I created it in the first place. 🙂

So, the family moved from New Zealand. We lived there for nearly 5 years. The kiddo was made and born there. He’s now 3.

We live in the South East part of Portland, renting out a 3-bedroom old Victorian house from Jonno’s (husband) best friend’s baby sister. We are renting it for less than what it could rent for and we told them about our qualms about that when they offered it. This is their first stab at being landlords, so hopefully we are being good tenants!

Speaking of being good, today (Saturday) I cleaned the porch all the way to the footpath. Er, sidewalk. Jonno finished it with putting on strips on the steps to prevent slips on wet (and sometimes slippery) days.

The house is more than adequate for a family of 3. Most of the time, the kiddo sleeps with us; therefore making 2 extra rooms barely used.

We haven’t fully explored Portland yet. Jonno and I are working full-time and we don’t have a car. At least not yet. With that, exploring requires a bit more planning from our part as parents to a toddler who still needs afternoon naps.

Spring seems to have just finally settled here. I was getting impatient for it and rainy days were getting old on me. The novelty value of Portland wore away quicker than I expected, just because it was wet most days since moving here nearly 3 months ago.

But, I like Portland. It is just the size that I like, the population suited for me, and plenty of food carts everywhere.