Shopping galore

From my post on this weekend’s shopping plan, let me show you what I ended up buying.

  • A pair of jeans. Check! $40 @ Macy’s but today (5.5.11) it’s only $29.99. Well, finding the right pair took awhile because I had to be realistic about the style. Pants that rest on my hips no longer work for me. I end up with a muffin top! Eek. So I got myself a BandolinoBlu Jeans Mandie Classic Fit Straight Leg. I still have not lost my pregnancy tummy and this style is the best if you have a bit of a pouch after giving birth. It sits just a bit above the waist and hugs the hip and emphasizes your (and my) behind. 🙂
  • A non-black skirt. I didn’t manage to get this but my husband and kiddo did for Mother’s Day! 🙂 They got it at Twill and I just found out that it was $72 when I logged onto internet banking. 😛

  • A pair of slacks. Check! $39.98
  • Dress socks. Fail!
  • Casual socks for Jonno. Fail! I called him from the mall to let him know that I was running low on energy after circling the shops for 3 hours. 😛
  • A multi-function wallet. I checked the wallet that I thought I wanted twice! I even took out my old wallet to compare but there’s nothing different to justify the spending. I’m after a squarish wallet that has a zipped coin compartment and an ID window outside. I don’t want to show my bus pass by opening my wallet. I don’t want extra steps in my life. I found this which I think I will get in store, so hopefully they’re stock in downtown when I check in this week.
  • And more: a dress $23, 2 tops $30, and a Levi’s denim skirt $38. 🙂 These are the unplanned buys, but I’m happy! I’m going to put away a few clothes to give away. I don’t plan to accumulate clothes again. Ever!

Total damage: $160.56.


Treating myself on Mother’s Day

I’m going to celebrate!

I am planning to get some nice, but necessary things, for myself on Mother’s Day weekend. I actually thought about shopping this past weekend, but later realized that I could get better deals soon.

I hope to stick to this list but I can’t promise. 🙂

  • A pair of jeans. I only have 2 pairs after getting rid of the old ones I have in preparation for our move here. What I want though is a pair that I can get away with at work before Casual Friday. I’ve seen ladies at work who wear the kind I’m looking for. I’m wanting a pair of black or gray jeans.
  • A skirt that should not be black. I only have 1 skirt and it’s black (of course!). Again, I gave away all of my skirts before I moved to Portland. They were mostly pre-pregnancy skirts and shorter than what I’m comfortable wearing to work at my age now.
  • A pair of slacks. I only have 1 and it’s pin-striped, which means that if I wore it twice in a week you would know it’s the same pair. 😮
  • Dress socks. I have about 3 or 4 gray dress socks that all look the same. I might include sports socks too because the ones I own slip down my feet when I walk! 😛
  • Casual socks for Jonno. I always ask him whenever I plan to go clothes shopping, and this is his order.
  • A multi-function wallet. I know this is a bit of a want rather than a need. I have a rectangular wallet that has no section for change, and I have a coin purse where I also keep my bus pass and change. To me, having 2 things that serve specific purposes are not worth keeping when I could have 1 that could serve both. The reason why I have them is because in NZ we didn’t use cash at all. It was debit card heaven. The coin purse was a gift. I feel the need for having ready cash/coins here in the States. I might hold off on this but I’ve looked and so far like this.

I’m hoping to spend no more than $200 if I can help it. I will go to Lloyd Center and scour the best bargains on MD weekend. When it comes to clothing for myself, I have a hard time shopping online. Traditional shopping still feels different and gives me more satisfaction. It also gives me exercise! Luckily, I have plenty of nice tops to go with bottoms that I still lack. For sure, what I have now are worn often.