Camping + ranting

My family and I, along with a family friend, enjoyed 3 full days camping in the Oregon coast. Jon booked it in early summer and I was doubting how it would go considering the weather.

It was full of surprises and good realizations. Here goes them.

Yurt. We stayed in a yurt that had heat. It was about 12 feet in diameter, had a bunk bed, a table and 3 chairs, and a couch that could pass for a bed. There was a covered porch with a bench, which was good for hanging out. If it were summer and dry, we could’ve spent time hanging out in the picnic table and benches, but we managed to use the fire pit to make s’mores.

Entertainment. It’s good to know that our family isn’t reliant on television to keep boredom at bay. We had our iPhones to get small bits of news about Occupy Portland and of the weather. The kid used the videos in the iPad for about 30 minutes a day, but preferred dancing to keep himself (and us) entertained after dinner. Thanks to e-books, we didn’t have to take real books but we did anyway. He didn’t feel limited to the 4 story books we took because I previously downloaded new e-books for him that I liked myself. 🙂

Campers. I came across a woman camper who was probably around 55-60 years old. She breathed really heavily. One time I went to the ladies restroom to brush teeth and wash dishes, I heard moans from the handicap stall. Immediately I thought that there was a couple having sex there! I wasn’t sure whether to leave but then decided I had the right to use the place and I don’t want to wait til it got dark to finish my purpose there. The moans got louder and then I heard the flush. Really? No need to pretend that they were doing the “right” business in that stall. The stall door opened and the moans were still going. Oh my god. Don’t approach me and talk to me! Moments later, the woman with the heavy breathing appeared. Okay.

In the morning of our check-out, around 7am, the couple next door couldn’t hold it in I guess. They moaned when they reached orgasmic happiness. Imagine the laughter that went on between me and my husband at the porch. They must’ve heard it because yurts aren’t known for sound-proofing.

Tillamook. Oh the town smelled of cow dung one day. It was too sharp for a city folk like me. 🙂 We went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, had ice cream and bought a few things. I had Taco Time for the first time, and saw 2 middle-aged women buy and eat 3 burritos each. Oh lord.

Beach. My toddler enjoyed digging about 30 holes with his tiny shovel despite the gusty rain. It was also a battle to get him out of there. Next day was better for a long walk. Here are photos.

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The family friend. Just a warning, this is the ranting part.

Well, I was annoyed at her a couple of times before and during the trip. We shopped together 2 days before the trip, but at the check out she didn’t pay for a couple of things she got. She got a bottle of red wine and veg sausages. I was surprised she didn’t pay and I was too busy having a discussion with her that I didn’t realize it til we got in the car. To top that off, she used her own membership card to get the points. Jon and I just decided that since we’ll be using her car to drive us all to Tillamook, maybe she felt entitled to something in return. Yet, we filled her car for $45 on our way back.

She also had a trailer issue when we arrived at camp and didn’t want any help from bystanders, and appeared very stressed over something that could’ve been fixed within minutes had she accepted help. My husband suggested that she taped the break cord (or whatever it was that caused the problem) with duct tape, and when my family went to a camping store to get some supplies my husband included that. After she used it, she returned it to him. I told my husband later in the yurt that that $17 duct tape wasn’t something we needed and if she needed it, she should’ve paid for that afterward. After the camping store, we went to Fred Meyers and bought some things and she started including her items with ours when Jon started putting our items on the conveyor. My husband, after I told him about the grocery incident 3 days before, asked her “Aren’t you paying for that?”. I just don’t get why she would continue doing that.

They joked about it afterward and he said something about her pan-handling. They go a long way so they can joke about things like that, whereas I’ve only known her less than a year. At some point, Jon told me that she’s having money difficulties due to vet bills. She has a dog, 5 chickens and 3 cats. She lives alone. Oh my god. He also talked about a trip that she (kind of) sabotaged by making the rest of the group miserable just because she couldn’t find decent food sources on New Year’s Eve when everything’s closed and the country they went to hardly caters to vegetarians.

It didn’t bother me that we paid for some of her dinners early this year because she was so nice and helpful to us during our settling here in Portland, but after we paid for her food a couple of times to ease paying for the bill and she didn’t pay us back, I made noise to my husband and I told him that I’m not going to tolerate that. He couldn’t understand her behavior either. When we invited her to dinner in the past, we made it clear that we’ll pay for her food. So I expect that when she initiates dinner plans she would pay for her own at least. We don’t expect her to fork for us because 1) we have more discretionary pay and 2) we are a family of 3. My alarm bell started going off sometime in summer when she came over a few times and we talked about getting food delivered, and didn’t pay us any cent. Plus, the way she reacted to that trailer problem and how she handled it worries me. Her car and trailer blocked the road, she didn’t–not once–ask for help and yet she had no idea what the problem was. I do get the importance of learning to solve one’s problem, but in that particular situation that approach is not going to work.

I must’ve made her sound so bad in this rant. She is a kind person, loves animals and is sympathetic. It’s the money aspect of this relationship that bothers me, and her being a stress ball at times.

Do you know people who are like her?

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