Re-using coffee holders

I like to recycle and re-use things. I don’t know when it started because despite growing up with parents who re-use everything including foil, it didn’t come natural to me.

Maybe it was feeling bad about the coffee holder being chucked into the recycle bin that did it. Though recycling is good for the planet, it still requires energy and effort to be recycled, right?

I’m a regular at a café close to my toddler’s pre-school. Once I told the owner that I re-use coffee holders, she said “I love you for that!”.

Imagine if ALL take-out coffee drinkers re-use their coffee holders, a small effort could:

– save businesses money
– less use of energy and other resources to recycle paper
– keep cost down for businesses and the government, and for us coffee lovers

It was a conscious effort at first but now it comes natural to me. I keep 2 coffee holders in my bag if one of them breaks and I’m stuck with a hot cuppa.

My mom re-uses old tattered clothes as dish rags. My dad re-used wood and nails when he and mom decided to build their retirement house — a project that they managed themselves. When finished building, they gave away wood. They also bought old iron gates from a junk yard and re-designed and painted them to look different and new.

What do you re-use?

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