Enlightened by the Kardashians

What the fork! I might have to give up on achieving $15k by New Year’s Eve. This thought came to me while watching The Kardashians. Reality TV brings about enlightenment!

Image from dailymail.co.uk

First, it’s not realistic at this point unless I won the Lotto that I don’t bet on. It’s $5.5k away and we only have this and next month to come up with that. Who am I kidding? Secondly, it just doesn’t look achievable says our monthly budget. Do you see what I’m saying?

Maybe, just maybe, we could make it by February.

We don’t have a set budget on Christmas gifts yet. J and I don’t really give Christmas gifts. We like to give gifts for some other reason and not just because it’s a holiday. Though Christmas is my favorite holiday, I don’t completely associate it with receiving presents. I LOVE giving presents, but I think I’m going to be a bit of a Grinch this year. We’ll see. I tend to change my mind about being stingy on Christmas anyway. 🙂

Having no budget for gifts, we could d end up pushing the projected date of our emergency fund. It could set us back to March. Eep! Jon, if you’re reading this please just limit your present to that Nikon camera we saw on TV tonight with Ashton Kutcher replacing the lens.

When I set the goal to $15k, I thought about how a bit steep that was for a start. $10k seemed more SMART, but I got greedy. If I lower the goal now I’d feel such a fake. My pride is at stake here! It would be giving in to the whims and wants we gladly splurged on. Uurgh. Why is life so difficult sometimes?

If I set a donation link on this page, would you donate $2 to help fund our savings? Please? I promise to acknowledge you, guys! You’d be helping me achieve a dream.

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