I have a quirk.

I have a…not sure what to call it, but I think it’s a compulsion. My husband thinks it’s plain ghetto compulsion, but whatever.

When I buy food or coffee, I have to pull out 3 napkins though I only use one. I put the rest in my purse/bag and when I get home pile them up in a drawer in the kitchen. When I clean the counter, instead of using paper towels or dish towel I use them.

I don’t feel guilty doing this. I don’t think it’s taking more than I should from businesses either. I’ve seen plenty of people taking out napkins WAY more than they need and throw them all after eating. I make sure the unused napkins have use. Also, they go straight to the compost bin after I use them. It’s much more environment-conscious that way.

So that’s my quirk.

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