Conversation in my head at the grocery store

Is it guilt? I found myself picking up (what appeared to me) a good chocolate cookie mix. I held it, thought about when Conor (my toddler) and I would get our hands dirty this weekend and bake it.

Oops, it required a mixer. I began to put it back to the shelf but I remembered that we have a mixer, that’s good enough. Wait, it’s more like a smoothie/baby food hand mixer, idiot.

But that should do it! Even hand mixing could do it.

Really? Do you need endless supply of sugar at home? You still have tons of candy from Conor’s trick or treating and 2 small tubs of ice cream that you already eat a few spoonfuls of at night.

Fine. But it’s cookie! Conor would love making cookies! The batch could sit in the jar for a few days. We’ll consume them just like we do with small tubs of ice cream–bit by bit.

And again, you really want endless supply of calories that you don’t burn?

I’m gonna run 3 miles this weekend.

How are you gonna fit that in between chores?

Sunday! We usually take lazy Sundays.

You’re going on an afternoon date with Jon after dropping off Conor for a playdate, remember?


And I placed it back in the shelf and walked away.

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