Loose change is money too, you know!

What annoys me about this news bit is the fact that I understand why the 2 stores declined to accept loose change as payment and yet a part of me rebels the “policies” most big chain stores set out in regards to the form of payment they are willing to accept. My split take on this news is upsetting me.

Sure, the check out would like to complete transactions as fast as they can but the purpose of check-out counters is to accept payments from customers. At least, that’s what I’ve known since I was a kid.

Obviously paying loose change is going to slow down our money from getting into their registers, but have the businesses redefined the purpose of check-out counters to accept payments in lightning speed?

Up until I moved to a “first world” country, I had witnessed people pay for a big grocery trip partly with loose change. They group same denominations together, wrap in paper, tape it close and write the total amount on the wrapping.

Image from ehow.com

Some check out counter folks count every little piece, some trust the customers and accept without counting, some measure against the height of another wrapped loose change in the same denomination. So if you’re in a hurry, better look for another counter; but the customer will not be denied the completion of that transaction. There was no question in my mind about using loose change as payment. All I could think of as a young child was how heavy it must be to lug around with loose change in their purses!

And by the way, why does a customer need to pay for converting their loose change for notes???

I’m starting to believe that those big corporations don’t see the value of loose change and forget that they are actually money! Have we, the customers, given the businesses a reason for re-aligning/defining their payment process because majority of us use cards now?

I would say, YES. As a business, they need to keep up with customers’ needs to stay relevant and appealing. Thanks to scanners, checking out is a breeze now. What used to be the majority is now a minority, and we all know they don’t generally get the best representation.

And so I conclude this post with a bit more understanding of both sides and feeling better about myself. 🙂

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