Chinook book for $10, minus the book

I found out about it when I attempted (and succeeded) to update my Chinook Book coupons on my iPhone.

I’ve decided since summer to get next year’s book when I found out it was only $20. Our first book was a Welcome-to-PDX! present from a friend. We saved good money using Chinook Book and we’re all for supporting local businesses.

So, that’s $10 used on my Visa that must be paid as soon as it appears in the account. I have OCD — I check my bank accounts online every day. I take pride in knowing how much is left in the bank on a daily basis.

The first coupon ($5 off) was used yesterday when we bought Hotlips Pizza for a couple of neighborhood kids that we invited over to play with our tot. There are plenty of coupons in the pack that I know we’ll not use so if you have any particular product or service you’re after, let me know. I can gift coupons via email.

Orange, x.

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