In the meantime, I’m back in reality.

I can’t believe it. After spending a week daydreaming about extended travel, I’m back to being the desk-strapped full-time worker, mother and wife. It’s like I lived in fantasy for a while and I’m back in reality again.

There was a moment in that week that brought me back. I was sitting on the steps in the backyard and imagined having nothing to do, no purpose to get me out of bed at a specific time, no specific direction for the day, and easily I felt that I deflated into reality. It’s weird.

I start thinking about saving more money for little mister’s college education, saving more for retirement, and what about the tiny house we want? It’s not good to feel that a learning experience, eg. world travel, would set us back. It’s not real, it’s just my perception!

What I’m hoping for is that, after we pay off the student loan and saved money, I would feel invigorated by world traveling again. I don’t think the feeling and want are really gone. There are a few things that I need to do and focus on at the moment that distract me.

I’m beginning to realize that not doing any purposeful work while on the road might get me bored with the lifestyle. I’m hoping to get my hands dirty in the hospitality or food industry. I didn’t work until I graduated college. I used to be envious of kids who worked at fast food chains. 🙂

Anyway, I downloaded the e-book My Exile Lifestyle by Colin Wright. That boy is cute! I’m thirdway into the e-book and have found similarities between Colin and I.

It really seems to me that I need to do extended travel with my spouse and son. I strongly believe that countless good would come out of it. All these distractions of insurance, budgets and savings are only going to build a solid foundation for the dream of traveling the world. So I guess it’s okay to be immersed in them for a while. The target is to kick it off after we pay off the student loan in less than 5 years. Timing wise, the debt payment schedule works along with a growing toddler. He’d at least be 7 years old by then. The travel experience would make for a wonderful and exciting quality time for the our little family.

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