You can’t have too many lamps.

That’s what I was told when I complained about having 4 lamps in the house, with the last one being given by a friend recently.


When I noticed the clamp-style lamp on my child’s white/chalk board, I wondered if my husband had gotten it off Freecycycle. It looked newish from afar. I still haven’t examined it after seeing it 4 days ago. It was given to serve as a spotlight for our kid’s puppet theater, which was also given.

I know I should be grateful that we have these really cool and nice friends that give us things, but the slow accumulation of stuff is starting to give me anxiety. We’re running out of empty corners in our 2k-sqft rental.

The person who told me I could not have too many lamps has 5 lamps in her bedroom. Isn’t that crazy? Well, she has stuff that are mostly trinkets to me. I’m not a trinket person.

My response was: I don’t like many things of the same purpose. I like multi-purpose things.

It may not be the best response but I had to take into consideration the tone and intent in her voice when she said what she said. Why can’t people just be simple about their stuff?

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