The craziness of relationships start from pre-school.

My kid is learning about social relationships at school. I realized that it can be an emotional ride on a parent to witness that part of growing up.

My son has not been liking school as of late. We engage him in conversations while at play or while eating to learn what his day at school was like.

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His teachers commented about his stubbornness lately, which was easily put to ease after knowing that it also happens at home.

I put it towards growing up, getting older, and also being bored at school.

We all go through that, so I should be okay. Only I’m not. At least not fully okay. Guilt sets in. I should be available to take him out of school in summer and enjoy what life has to offer. But I have to work, and so does Dad. 😦

Unlike other boys, my son is not entirely rowdy and doesn’t like rough play except with his dad. He doesn’t rough play with other boys. He likes his quiet, which attracts girls to him. That kind of personality earns him a balanced set of friends between boys and girls.

So lately, he asks for a specific girl when we get to school.

Is M**** here today? I don’t know, bub. Maybe.

He said that sometimes M is his friend, sometimes she’s other kids’ friends. I tell him that’s okay, it happens. I don’t think he was emotional about it, but I wonder why he felt he had to tell that. Maybe he likes M very much.

I tend to ask more but I’m learning to wait for a response that he’s ready to give…especially, when he says things like: I want to continue reading the book now.

Jon believes that boys learn to keep their distance once they learn, from childhood as young as a toddler, that being too open and out there turns off girls.

A teacher paired them before going to the park. M asked to be paired with someone else because she didn’t want to be paired with my son. The hell??? My son is cute and charming. What more do you want girly?

I asked about M being his friend that day. My son’s version: She was shy today.

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