To your left

A month ago, our little family had joined the push biker community of Portland. We now own our beach cruisers and a trailer. My fear of biking in busy streets are nearly gone. I don’t think it will go away quickly, but I feel much, much more confident here in Portland than I was in NZ.

Our attempt to use them to take the kid to school and back home is costing me plenty of leg muscle cramps, wasted morning shower, and a monthly bus pass that I buy at the end of each month ($77). The exercise is great, it’s always great. It just feels icky to get to work gasping a little, my scalp full of sweat and hair that’s still wet. Ew.

So today Jonno and I decided to rest from it, then back on it tomorrow for some volunteer work. I think mentally that did it because my body relaxed. Gone were the muscle cramps that I believe start before I even ride the bike.

I’m not very familiar with biking “ethics” so I learn as I ride. To your left! To your right! Raise arm up to go left? I didn’t know that. Jonno had to correct my hand signal. šŸ˜›

I also realized why many bikers would stay close to the center on roads, especially when it’s inclined. Sorry car drivers, but it’s really wobbly riding down the bike on the side where the roads aren’t flat. The flatter the better you see.

Somebody also took a photo of me riding. The driver slowed down just to do that. I wonder what I was doing, or not doing, at that moment. Look, there’s that chubby woman trying to lose some weight. Hahaha!

Yes, it’s not just my imagination. I don’t feel as fat as I did last week. I’m not fat compared to those who are, but I do have some jiggly spots. šŸ˜€ I think I have somebody else’s thighs wrapped on mine. Who knew that biking could do such wonders?

It’s different, though, riding with a mission and riding for leisure. Oh well, it is what it is. I just have to make use of my $500 bike. Or else, I’d just be another hoarder.

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