You can teach your kids ABC before they start school

As a new transplanted parent in America, I have to learn about the education system here. There were plenty of information on the internet, no doubt, but what I needed was a structured delivery of information. It took awhile of searching, and not searching, and it was during the pause that I stumbled upon scoop on schools.

The website provided me with information from understanding American educational system structure all the way to settling into a chosen school. It also provided information about involving the child in the decision-making process.

I don’t feel uninformed anymore. I’m well equipped with basic knowledge to guide the process of finding the right education provider for my child.

I also realized that the Pre-K he is enrolled in is a very good school. It is private ($790/month full-time). In NZ, he would’ve been in Kindergarten by now. They start at 3 years old over there! So I’m catching up on that. I’m lucky to have a child who is into learning too.

At 3 1/2 years old, my child can:

  • identify every letter in the alphabet
  • spell his name
  • spell other names if shown in print
  • read 3-letter words
  • make the sounds of each letter
  • add and subtract with actual objects

Image from

A teacher friend witnessed him spelling his name and her child’s name (printed and displayed), and she said that my child was advanced. Her first reaction was that it was not normal! My heart skipped a beat when she said that and I asked her what she had meant.

I introduced my child to ABC at 2 1/2 years old. I did it online. There are plenty of websites dedicated to toddler learning. It was easy that way because we encourage our child to be tech-savvy. Both Jonno and I are quite savvy in using technology to our advantage, why not develop that sense in our child? I’ve met parents who discourage use of computers or TV. We don’t but we have control over what he watches or plays with on the iPad or computers. Anyway, ABC learning was easy because it appeared as play to him. I was lucky if I could get 30 minutes of his time focused on it, but that built up into his knowledge now, a year later. Looking back, my husband and I think that it was just a matter of natural progression to teach ABC at such a young age, regardless of whether they absorb it or not. We feel that once a kid understands toys for playing, they latch onto that forever. We can’t just keep buying new toys. That’s ridiculous!

You should try it. You have no idea how spongy their brains are.

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