What a busy summer!

Portland did not disappoint me this summer. With it being our first here in America, it has been full on and I’ve enjoyed it. I thought that it was only Jonno and I who talked about flaking out on a few events, but I met a friend of his who spoke about it. I felt normal suddenly. 🙂

I’ve read many complaints about the heat in the Midwest and in the East coast. I just love Portland’s summer, just about right.

And what also defines summer (to me) is it being such a spendy season. I don’t think I get this much gusto to shop in any season. We’ve already spent $400 on our joint birthday barbecue party and will need to spend a few hundred bucks on a road trip to visit my father-in-law.

A friend from NZ is coming to California on business so we decided to see him together as a family instead of the original plan that only Jon went down to see him. That’s $780 for airfare for 3 and $250 for 2 nights in an apartment rental, with just a few mouse clicks. Technology is such an enabler.

So it’s easy for me to these days to snap. We have to be really good about cooking and eating at home this August. I don’t want Summer to be over, ever, but it’s hurting our pockets. 😛

Portland, you’re beautiful.

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