Goals, revisited

I made 2 goals for August that you see in the side column. Halfway there, it’s prudent to revisit any goal and not wait until close to the desired completion date. Doing so will give me enough time to assess them, and make necessary adjustments.

Goal 1: Save $9k. This is progressing as it should. However, there will be a party at the end of this month that we didn’t anticipate holding, despite it being about our birthdays. 🙂 We also bought bikes and a trailer. Also unplanned, yet we are enjoying riding around Portland almost everyday!

Goal 2: Complete Insanity Workout by August 15th. As early as today, I can say that I failed. I’m not even halfway through the first 15 days. Life took over, as usual, but I’m still doing it at least once a week. I’m hoping to do more but at least I bike nowadays for some exercise. I still want to finish the program and achieve a stronger core. Since child-birth, my core has been a problem–not only does it bulge but being weak causes back and hip issues. I’ll have to change the deadline for this goal to make it realistic.

At least, I can say, that I’m doing well in the first goal and compensating for the second. I already have an idea about a next goal based on Goal 1, which has a deadline of Christmas Day. I’m still in the process of brewing up the next set of goals, so watch this space!

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