Buying batteries in bulk is not frugality!

I read in some blog that I follow that the writer buys batteries in bulk. Ew.

Excuse me, but that may be frugality to him but that’s such a heavy burden on Mother Earth. Am I over the top with that statement?

There are plenty of reasons not to buy them in bulk, and one of which is turning to rechargeable batteries. Plus, in this day and age for adults like us, what is it that we use daily that needs batteries? I can’t think of anything.

It was in the last year that my child was introduced to battery-operated toys and even then we cringed when he was gifted one for the first time. Luckily, the 2 battery-operated toys he has use 1 AA each. We just had to switch to rechargeable types after seeing how much he loves his Thomas and Friends trains, which by the way suck. Read Amazon reviews.

Frugality to me also means smart spending. There is nothing smart about batteries in bulk!

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