My responsible potty trainee

I get ahead of myself so many times that I should know when I start doing it.

My little man is still a trainee, really. I should remember to hold myself down and not get too excited just because it has been a month of success.

The other day, my husband told me how our little man pooped in his shorts because he was busy watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and then ran to the bathroom when the episode ran its credits. Jonno heard 2 flushing sounds, which prompted him to inquire with our son on what was going on.

The child was honest in saying that he pooped his pants and that he dropped them into the toilet and flushed. One just cannot get upset about the pooping and what he did to rectify the wrong decision of evacuating where he shouldn’t, but we couldn’t help ourselves from beaming with pride (and maybe even emotionally touched) about our toddler being so responsible and honest.

That was one of those days that, as a parent, I ask what I have possibly done right that my child is turning out to be GOOD PERSON so far. Sigh.

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