Day 5: Insanity Workout

One of my goals by early August is to complete the Insanity Workout. It started out hard because I wasn’t in any shape or form for this kind of exercise.

I started it with every bit of determination to accomplish 60 days of craziness and expectation that I’d improve. Here’s what I can remember of the last 5 days.

Day 1: There was no exercise that I couldn’t complete, much less a set, without taking a break! Within the first 5 minutes, my lungs were giving out and I thought I was going to start puking like some of those contestants on The Biggest Loser in their first week. My feet were hurting every minute. I stayed through until the end, trying very hard and telling my husband that I didn’t like it. I wanted to get my money back.

Day 2: Almost the same as day 1. I told my husband that I didn’t want it anymore after completing it. I even yelled “Help!” to my husband and kid after the workout while laying on the floor. Needless to say, I napped on the floor with sweat pouring from my tired body for about 10 minutes I guess. Is that what you would call passing out?

Day 3: Oh, I’m getting better at it! I completed the first set without taking a break! Hey, my quadriceps are hard. Dang. I completed it without telling my husband that I wanted my money back. On the way to work, 5 blocks from the bus stop, I tend to brisk walk to get there in less than 5 minutes; only this time I found myself not panting by the time I got to the 3rd block. Maybe I was improving? I didn’t sweat at all when I got to work. Nice.

Day 4: Recovery workout that’s not recovery at all, at least to me. My quadriceps became hard from the first 2 minutes all the way to the end. I lasted the stretches and I was happy.

Day 5: Wow, I was finally getting my form and taking breaks farther in between. My quadriceps felt “hard” the whole day it seemed and my lungs weren’t giving out easily as I worked out. My feet still hurt but not every minute anymore. It took more out of me before my feet started hurting and that was my cue to take a break. I knew that I didn’t have to buy new shoes! 😛 I can recover faster and continue working out. I noticed that I could “ski” continuously and my endurance is really improving! Because of this improvement, my perfectionist self was thinking that I’m not putting more effort into it because I’m not as struggling as I was in the first 2 days. It could be me, so I’ll check on myself on day 6.

If anything, I’m just happy that I feel lighter and stronger. I didn’t measure my body parts and weighed myself in because I don’t have the tools to do them, but I’m okay with that because I took photos. It’s also not difficult to see and feel the difference. I also enjoy carrying my 34-lb toddler now without feeling my muscles starting to give in soon.

What I noticed though from day 4 is that I have this regular need to stretch even at work. My calves feel tired, especially the left one. Stretching does the trick and it could be that it’s due to sitting for long periods of time, which I shouldn’t really do.

So we’ll see what happens in the next few weeks. I’ll try to post more about my progress on a weekly or so basis. x.

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