Ban shopping my a$$!!!

Obviously, I failed to ban myself from shopping for kid stuff this month. Sigh. It’s so hard!

I thought I was getting good at it, until today. I checked my emails, saw an email from MyHabit. I saw sale of t-shirts for kids and I thought:

Uhm, I should google The Beatles t-shirts for him.

Our little man likes The Beatles and so far likes their Yellow Submarine song a lot. And whaddya know, MyHabit had Lords of Liverpool Kids sale today! The first shirt I saw was Yellow Submarine in big prints and lyrics.


Then I know of the promo code MYHABIT1 for my first purchase, which gives me $10 off, and then there’s free shipping. I couldn’t help it! I just had to get my child those cute shirts so I bought 2.

And my husband also bought 2 using the code and free shipping.

Image from

Total: $40 for 4 shirts. Shirts that our child will very much appreciate…

Or we’re making up that last sentence to feel good about our purchase.

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