Kids’ relationship issues

I’m hoping to get some responses on this post because I can’t find any article about it on the internet.

My child is 3 and before we go to school we hang out at this cafe. There is a 6-year-old kid there that has hung out with his mom before school for years before we ever stepped in that cafe. At first, my son enjoyed having another child around in the midst of adults in the cafe. A month later, my child started to not like him.

My son’s personality is different from the other kid. Both are only kids, so I tend to think that they’d click but the older boy has been annoying my son. The other boy is not annoying him per se, but his constant desire to get my child’s attention is annoying my child. I’ve been trying to get the older boy to ignore my child, but yesterday morning he said to me:

I’m going to keep chasing him even if he says no.

Part of me wants to let the 2 of them sort out their relationship. In fact my child seemed to have found the solution: leave the cafe once the older boy starts getting on his nerves. Yesterday morning my kid left the cafe with:

I don’t like him anymore.

That’s a mouthful for a toddler. Of course, he will change his mind because he’s a toddler. They could be best friends next week.

Sometimes the older boy wins my child’s attention, oftentimes not. His mom has started telling him that my son may not want to be bothered and to leave him alone. I feel bad for the other kid, but I’m also starting to consider lessening our cafe visits to give my child the morning ease he desires.

I told my husband that I could help our kid tell the child if he wants to be left alone, but Jonno thought that it might offend the child’s mother. Oh well, today we didn’t go to the cafe but my child wanted to as soon as he spotted it from afar despite telling me that he didn’t like the other kid an hour before that. Kids!

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