Goals, goals!

You may have noticed that I recently put a Goals widget on the right, and I have 2 that I want to accomplish by early August.

The original savings goal was $5k but we already have $4.5k as of writing and it’s not fun when goal-setting has no challenge to it, so I upped it to $9k. That’s taking into account additional expenses related to having friends and family visiting from out of town and overseas. I expect plenty of eating out, going out,¬†barbecuing, and then there’s our first ever big family road trip that we have not planned for yet!

The second goal is something I also recently started. I’m on the 3rd of the 60 days, and I already noticed an improvement in my endurance. The Insanity Workout makes me crawl after I do a day’s workout but I am determined to finish it. I thought that working out at night would just keep me awake longer, but not Insanity! It’s really insane! It’s not for everyone though. I think, apart from ensuring that you are physically okay to do this kind of workout, it also requires the right personality from people. If you’re into this kind of thing, go for it!

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