Shopping ban on kid’s stuff

Sometime in May I thought about banning myself and my husband from buying anything, except food, for our little man. It has not left my mind since the day I thought of it.

In May, we spent around $385 on our child – toys, tickets, clothing and shoes! I mean, wow!

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It’s not that we are sorry we bought him things, but there were a couple of mindless decisions there. We bought his strider and scooter at the same time. We bought 2 throw blankets for him because the first buy was not a well-thought-out decision. Maybe there’s more but I can’t remember now.

Personally, a strider and a scooter are too much in one go, but we did it because we couldn’t decide on either since he was an infant. We did the either/or thing, and obviously that didn’t work. What’s the difference in buying them at separate times when we knew we were going to get them  both anyway.

So it’s hard to kill the excitement when I see sale items on Gilt, One Kings Lane, MyHabit, Overstock, Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc.

So far, we’ve only spent $28 for babysitting him on date night. But, oh goodness, give me strength to ignore temptation!!! I have this thing where I can be so cheap on myself but I will splurge on my loved ones. I don’t even understand why I do that.

Twenty-seven more days left on my self-imposed ban. So far I’ve found myself “sometimes” making a mental wish list for him that would disappear. Those things are obviously not necessary to get. So I guess it’s working after all. 🙂

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