Madge and her parents’ money

It was time to sleep but he wanted to read more. Our touch sensitive lamp became too sensitive and turned off on its own while we were reading Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

I decided to tell him about my favorite story book called the The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen. While talking to him about the match girl, who became Madge as the conversation progressed, I realized that I didn’t remember the whole story anymore.

So I made one up: She sold matches. She didn’t have mama or daddy. She was cold because it was winter and she was selling matches on the streets. She only had 1 jacket. She was hungry. She didn’t have money.

I wondered if the story was too dark for him already, so I stopped with that. I didn’t give any reason why she had no parents, just that she didn’t and that they were far away. I knew somebody died, and it could be her but I decided not to say that. I asked him questions to trigger his imagination and finish my story, and here’s how it kind of went.

Madge girl’s mama and daddy came back from the office and took her to a restaurant. She ate banana and orange and apples. Madge didn’t sit because, because there was no more space. Charlie scooted to make space. There were lots of people in the restaurant. Madge girl, the counter was too high. Her daddy got food from the counter. Madge mama and daddy buy her food with money.

Who knows who Charlie was and where he came from. I wonder if the concept of not having parents is absolutely inconceivable to him. He lived away from us for nearly 6 months and Skype was our only way of seeing each other. Thank goodness for Skype! He experienced a touch of that, so I can’t help thinking that he could be blocking that memory… or I’m just thinking too much of this and I’m crazy.

Glad to know though that he knows about money now, but we still don’t know yet what our plan of attack is on teaching him about its value and how to manage it.

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