Moody Me

What a hump day! I spent my day feeling so BLAH.

I woke up today feeling tired and not wanting to go to work, but I still did anyway. The little man decided that he was also grumpy this morning. Yards away from school, he stated that he wanted his cereal–the leftover that I ate because he confirmed twice that he was done with it.

The problem is that I keep trusting my child that his confirmations and statements are well-made decisions.

So I reminded him that he made the decision to stop eating and said that he was done.

But I want my cereal!

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And proceeds to more crying, not scene-making cry but loud enough to make me feel guilty.

My child is begging for food! In public! With tears! I’m a terrible mother!

I still tried to calm him down to remind him of what I was planning as a consequence of his decision: to live with it and wait for his next meal at school. After all, he had warm milk after he woke up and cereal (with more milk) for breakfast.

It wasn’t easy. It never is. It=guilt. So I went to the coffee shop and got him bread with PBJ as requested, but had to wait for 3 customers ahead of me who ordered coffee and there was only 1 person behind the counter. When I returned he was sitting on the floor next to his cubby hole because he took tissue to blow his snot. He wasn’t crying and he felt better, but he was sure glad to have food again. He sat to eat his 2nd breakfast while the rest of his classmates were playing.

So I was late for my hump day 830am meeting. I feel bad about missing it for 2 weeks in a row now. I couldn’t concentrate and I ate a whale for lunch. I also ranted to my husband, and ranted about him. Really illogical and unreasonable of me. On top of feeling crap, I also felt fat and lacking any semblance of pretty. My stomach is bulging with post-natal fat (my child is 3), my fringe needs cutting, and my eyebrows grow faster than weeds.

What’s your hump day story?

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