Eats: Koi Fusion and Pho PDX

As you may have already figured out, I’m Asian, but I’m not drawn to eating Asian food when I’m going to dine out. My mom used to say: You might as well eat at home if you’re going to eat the same thing.

So that got stuck in my brain somehow.

And so, part of my exploration of Portland is to learn about food carts. I must say, I truly enjoy this aspect of the city. Yeah, give those posh restaurants some competition! 🙂 I’m not new to food carts. They are everywhere in Asia, but seeing them in western countries has its novelty value.

This post is a about the food and not about a food cart.

Anywho, I went to this little food court on SW 2nd, between Taylor and Yamhill, and intended to buy food from Pho PDX to try another menu after eating from them the day before. The wait appeared to be a long one and I was hungry. So, admittedly, feeling defeated I decided to try Koi Fusion. I know, Pho is Asian but I suffered from PMS craving the week I discovered these 2 awesomeness.

I had the rice bowl as pictured on the left. I was very surprised by the actualized concept (Korean and Mexican fusion? Really?) and how well they combined the flavors to make this little bowl of rice, meat, fresh vegetables, kimchi and a special signature red sauce into a spectacular lunch!

The bowl’s size serves my desired lunch portion. Pho’s serving was twice as Koi’s, if not more. Pricewise, both Koi and Pho justify them. Both cost $7, but their serving sizes are not the same. Why is that? Maybe because I chose beef for my Koi rice bowl and chicken for Pho’s? Not sure, but this could be the reason that Pho always has a queue. If you want a wait of 10 minutes or less, be at Pho’s by 11.30am.

Despite Pho’s big serving, I managed to finish it. The heat was good for the onset of cold. The lemongrass’ scent and taste were missing though, but it could be due to the level 2 hotness that I chose.

Overall, I’m happy about these 2 places. I will try them again when I’m not too worried about calories. 🙂

I’m trying to lose weight, by the way.

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