Please, just do #2 in the loo

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You’re lucky if your toddler is FULLY toilet trained at the age of 3 or even younger.

My little mister has been good about keeping his pants dry, no problem there. He would even wake up a night to pee in the toilet. But with pooping? Ha.

My husband says that our boy doesn’t see any difference between pooping in his underwear and pooping in a nappy; but because there’s a big difference in peeing in either of them, he trained faster with #1.

Our attempt at getting him to do it is to take away his scooter rights for that day if he poops his pants. This didn’t work because he resorted to his strider (bike with no pedals) that he originally didn’t like. Now he’s getting better at it after spending 2 days on it because…(you guessed it) he pooped his pants for 2 consecutive days.

My husband started mentioning to the kiddo about potentially taking away his strider rights as well. 😦

We tried timing it for a day and it worked, but for some reason we didn’t follow through. I got him to sit on the potty for 2 minutes just to check if poop decides to come out, which it did. Another after his nap, but this time he offered to go himself.

Some days are better than others. There’s no telling what that day would be like. Even his school seems to have started losing patience. They pack his soiled pants and underwear with his sh*t in them. So gross and unsanitary.

Seriously, as I was typing this entry my husband called me to report that our little boy was going home with the clothes he wore to school this morning. I asked, “Did he poo in the toilet today?”, “I don’t know, but he woke himself up from nap today to go potty. He’ll play with his scooter today!” See, today is one of the better days potty training-wise.

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