Too busy for potty

The kiddo has been on potty training for 6 months now. May marks the 7th month. He had been good and had had totally dry and clean days, but lately–the past 2 days, in fact–he had been pooping in his pants.

His first intentional accident was peeing in his pants. I handed him a voter’s magazine and he was flipping through pages, pointing out which candidates were boys and which ones were girls. He called my attention to say…

Look Mama, I’m peeing.

Too late to carry him all the way to the potty like house-training a puppy.

These past 2 days, he would just poop in his pants when he’s busy watching a show or staring out the window babbling to himself.

When we ask him why does it, all he says is that he was doing what he was doing. Too busy and can’t be bothered, it seems like.


What is going on? I don’t see us making any mistake in this process, but I could be wrong. Help!

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