Check, please!

Banking was the first thing that I wanted to learn about America when Jonno and I decided to move here. In the countries that I lived in, electronic banking was the way to go. I was sure that USA wasn’t behind for sure, but it was here that I first wrote a paper check.

I’m serious!

It’s a bit odd. It was also here that I was first asked if I preferred direct deposit for my paycheck. It was never an option since I started working 12 years ago. And I started my first job in a third world country.

I’m still ever surprised to see cafés and shops here that accept checks. How’s that ensuring that the account is funded? Today I thought of keeping a checkbook in my bag if I run into a store or café that doesn’t accept a debit or credit card.

I’m a big fan of electronic banking. It’s not only convenient, but I have a compulsion for organization. No, it’s not OCD.

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